Transformers 3D Ride and VIP Clients

It was AWESOME! I love thrilling rides.  I live in Florida – home of Disney, Universal, and many more theme parks where I get to go on a lot of exciting rides with my family. The Transformers 3-D Ride just got built at Universal Studios Orlando and I got to take a “sneak peek” with […]

Your Website Traffic Funnel is Key

Putting an ad in the Yellow Pages use to be a way to get clients. Not any more… Nobody uses the Yellow Pages any more… Unless they need a door stop. So, how do you get traffic to your website to get new clients? Is SEO the way to go? What about Facebook, Twitter, and […]

Facebook Page Cover Image Rule Change Better for Marketing

Facebook has quietly made some HUGE changes to their guidelines for Facebook page cover image. They use to be very restrictive and wouldn’t allow a lot of good marketing techniques.  Some of these strategies are what marketers label as “Calls to Action”…  In other words, telling your visitors what to do.  Things like, “Call Us […]

Are You an Online Marketing Robot?

You might hate what I’m about to say. What I am about to tell you to do USE to drive me CRAZY…  However, I finally cured myself… I use to be an online marketing robot. I was a technical perfectionist in my writing. I thought I had to be exactly accurate in everything I wrote. […]

Is Your Business Immune to Another Google Update?

Here we go again… Yes…  I asked for it.  I deserve it. Google made another major change to their social media site – Google Plus. I have been wanting Google to change the size of their cover image for Google+ pages.  It was always too small to really get enough information for good business branding […]

Out of Love with Your Website?

Do you remember your first crush? Your first Sweetheart? Your first love? Remember how excited you were? How you couldn’t think about anything else? Nothing would stop you from seeing that special someone… Did you have a similar feeling when you started your business and launched your website? You felt like you had “arrived” and […]

How to Use Twitter Hashtags for Business Marketing

Do you ever wonder how to effectively use Twitter hashtags to market your business better?  I’m sure you’ve seen them.  They are everywhere on Twitter.  They look something like this: #AmericanIdol #MagratechSale Think of hashtags like a keyword that can be searched on to quickly find tweets related to a specific topic. While they originated […]

Facebook Business Etiquette & Being Fat

I admit it… I am a bit out of shape… You could even say I’m fat. (Can you tell I don’t care about being politically correct?) However, I don’t want to be reminded about it by my so called “Friends” on Facebook. I have some friends on Facebook that are really into fitness – which […]

Should My Business Have a Facebook Page AND a Website?

The central focus of your online presence for your business should be your own website. It should be a website that you have total control over. It should not be some free site that forces you into their layout or scatters ads all over your site (which may lure customers away from your site to […]

Should Businesses Have a Google Plus Page?

So, your business has a website… You may even have a Facebook page because everybody seems to be on Facebook. But Google Plus? Who is on Google+? You don’t have time for keeping track of another social media site… That’s what I thought at first. But then I realized that Google knows a lot more […]