Facebook Graph Search – How It Benefits Business Facebook Pages

Facebook’s graph search can be a great thing for businesses that have a Facebook page.  For businesses that don’t have a Facebook page, it is an added challenge. Graph search gives users in Facebook creates another reason they never have to leave Facebook.  They can look for more things and get more relavant search results […]

Websites, Social Media, and Online Leads Video Training Series Launch

We are starting off the new year by launching a video series answering questions about done-for-you websites, social media, and online leads.  This is an effort to help educate business owners about the essential things that need to be done on the Internet with a hub website and social media accounts to help save time, […]

Done-For-You Services Increase Revenue and Customer Loyalty

I was FURIOUS as I looked at the bill…  As much as I hated looking at it, I kept staring at it. It was my own fault.  I deserved to be “punished”. It was a $25 late fee! I had no excuse. I just got so busy that I forgot to pay my credit card […]

Perfect Words Don’t Sell

I was writing copy for one of my websites. I had spent hours getting every phrase technically correct and in proper business-like grammar. I wanted to be totally “professional” in my wording. I had to use fancy technical terms and obscure synonyms to keep from repeating the same words. I just knew that if the […]

The Importance of Social Integration

Websites are becoming much more than just a “brochure” for your business.  They are becoming active communities of people interacting with you and your brand through many online social channels.  Whether it is “liking” your website and Facebook page or clicking the +1 Google Plus button on your site, it is important to have the […]