Are you frustrated with building a website, generating leads online, and dealing with lazy webmasters?
“We’ll Handle ALL the Details of Your Website, Help You Generate More Leads Online, and Take Care of 100% of the Technical Issues…Leaving You More Time to Run Your Business”
Read Below About Our Exclusive 7 Point Full-Service Website Guarantee…and Then Register for Your FREE Review of Your Current Site to See If You Qualify

  • Are you tired of dealing with an inadequate, lazy, and hard to reach webmaster?
  • Are your clients running to your competitors when they see your old and outdated website?
  • Are you annoyed having to deal with one company to register your domain, another company to design your site, and another to host it?
  • Are you frustrated with having to spend any time at all on your website and you just want someone that can handle it for you?
  • Are you scared to ask for site updates because you hate paying for every little change?
  • Do you just want to let a web NERD do it all for you so you don’t have to mess with it?

I’m Hill Robertson.  I’m the lead engineer (technical NERD) and co-founder of Magratech, Inc.

I have built websites for and worked with many “big names corporations” over the past 15 years such as IBM, Broadcom, and Siemens.

There is no excuse today for putting up with slow and inadequate web site service.

You will receive excellent service for your website needs and we’ll back it up with our
7 Point Full Service Website Guarantee to Prove It!

Our 7 Point Full Service Iron Clad Website Guarantee

  1. Everything Done for You – You don’t have to know anything about websites or any of the confusing technical “lingo”. Just tell us what you want and we’ll do it. If you have a document – whether physical or digital, send it to us and we’ll scan it, convert it and load it to your site!
  2. Fast Updates – Your Content and Image Change Requests will be Updated within 1 Business Day at NO ADDITIONAL COST
  3. Available When You Do Business – We are available for you to call us with whatever needs or questions you may have between 9 AM and 5 PM EST Monday through Friday. Or, you can email us 24/7. We are team of dedicated engineers – we are not just one person doing websites on the side that can go MIA whenever they feel like it
  4. Customized For You – Your business or organization is unique so we focus on customizing your website to be unique to make your web presence stand out from the competition.
  5. Full-Service – we take care of everything for you – design, hosting, updates, email, domain registration/renewals, etc.
  6. Full Site Tranfer and Set-up – We can take the contents of your existing site and transfer it to your new site without you having to hunt down your webmaster or get any secret “backend” password.
  7. Leads and Customers – Most web designers know nothing about how to build a site that attracts buying clients. They just build the site and leave it to you to figure out how to get buyers. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is not enough. We overhaul your site to be “Sales Optimized”. We optimize the content of your new website to attract buying customers and increase your conversion rate of leads calling you.

Don’t even think about using another webmaster if they don’t meet the 7 point full service website guarantee.

Here are Just a Few of the Services You Will Get…

  • Review your existing site and make recommendations on how to improve it to suck in customers
  • Scrape and Extract Data from your existing site so you don’t have to
  • Build a Professional Website you will be proud and excited to show your existing customers and prospects.
  • Modify/Design Header Graphics to Better Attract Buying Clients
  • Design buttons and navigation graphics that your visitors feel compelled to click
  • Layout your site to channel your visitors directly to the sale
  • Install analytics and tracking code to get secret stats about your visitors
  • and much, much, more…
ALSO… Your normal website change and update requests will be live within 1 business day!  So, if you need an image added to your gallery, “hours of operation” changed everywhere on the site, or need to update your logo – by the end of the next business day your changes will be online! (usually, the updates are made within hours)

Don’t just take my word for it. Here is some proof

“Hill, Rich and the guys at Magratech were available 24/7 to handle any problems or to instantly make any changes that I requested..  I can’t thank them or recommend them highly enough.”- John Steigerwald, National Sportscaster/Columnist/Author

“Initially, we didn’t have a good idea of what we wanted and these folks guided us patiently and knowledgably through a series of phone calls and emails until the site was completed. Best of all they did everything for us; all without a single mouse-click on our part. Their responsiveness is absolutely phenomenal; we’d think of a change, ask for it and it would appear on the site within hours. They uploaded pictures, documents, everything; they did all the work so that getting our site up had minimal impact on our Executive Office. In my opinion you can’t do any better.”- Tom Hahn, VP – Board of Directors, Oceanside Plaza Condominium Association

“One of the most EXTRAORDINARY companies I have ever had the opportunity of working with!! We recently decided to change property management company’s and as a result were needing to find a new web hosting service. Each day I am more and more astounded at their customer service, expertise and eagerness to assist. I could go on and on and probably write a book on my positive experiences.”- Marty Wexler, Seaside Village Board of Directors in Huntington Beach, California.

As you can imagine, with such an unbelievable offer, We get bombarded with frustrated business owners wanting us to “fix” their site so they can have peace of mind. They are tired of the hassles of dealing with slow web designers that want to schmooze every nickel and dime.

In order to really focus on new sites and devote the necessary time to create a kick-butt site, We have to limit the number of clients we work with at any one time.  We are currently accepting new clients but I’m not sure how long we can continue to keep this offer open as our schedule is filling up quickly.

After you enter your email, website address, and phone number below, if you get a message that says I am totally booked, I will let you know as soon as a slot opens up. (and I will still send you occasional tips and techniques to help teach you about how to have an awesome client grabbing site that even the big corporate websites don’t use!)

To get your site scheduled ASAP while this offer still lasts, enter your email, website address, and phone number and click the “Review My Site” button. I will personally take a look at your site and send you a free analysis of what needs to be changed to help your site attract customers and increase your conversions. This is not an automated script review. I will look at your site manually and give you my professional analysis absolutely FREE.

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