Full Service Websites or Self Serve Websites?

Website ImageWhen looking for a website provider to design and host your website, you must decide how to allocate your time and money.  You can choose a company that does everything for you or a company that just provides a place to host your site and a minimal framework but you have to do all of the technical work yourself.

If you are web savvy and are good at coding and designing graphics, you may want to do it yourself.  It will be a cheap way to have a website.  However, you will spend a lot of time doing it.  It may take too much time away from your other business activities to the detriment of your business.  It doesn’t matter if you have the coolest and fanciest website if you have no business.

If you are not web savvy or you just want someone else to do all of the work, you need a full service company that will do everything for you.  A good full service company will cost more than a do-it-yourself company, but your will save a lot of time and it will make it much easier to update.  You simply let your provider know what you want changed and it just gets done.

So, the bottom line is what works best for you.  We have found that the successful business owners focus their time and effort growing their business and letting professional full service website companies handle their websites.  This is our primary focus at Magratech.  We do the work for so business owners can focus on the priorities of their business.

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