Online Marketing and Hair Loss

Ouch! Even one of my Jr. High basketball players made fun of my glaring bald spot…

We were having a celebration of an excellent basketball season and we were playing a game of “knockout” when one of the players that I coach said to me…

“Coach Robertson, what color was your hair when you had it?”

When I HAD it!  What?!?  It’s one thing to get heckled by good friends at church about needing to wear sunglasses when they sit behind me. But it is another thing to have one of your young basketball players take a jab…

Oh Well…  It is what it is.  I don’t worry about trying to hide it or cover it up (like so many infomercials try to push us to do). I am who I am. I’m not interested in trying to be someone I am not.

What about when it comes to business?

Do you try to hide your differences?

Are you trying to be exactly like your competition?

I frequently have new clients tell me they want their website to be exactly like one of their competitor’s website. They want to mimic their business.

They are headed in the totally wrong direction.

Why in the world would you want to be exactly like your competitor?  If you are exactly the same, why in the world should any customer use your product or service when you look just like everybody else?  They can just find the cheapest or closest competitor and buy from them.

You need to be different. If you are not, you need to find a way to be different. You need to stand out. Everyone else looks the same to your customer. If you are different and stand out, you will be noticed. Customers want to know how you are different. They need to know why they should use your product or service.

When someone visits your website, they need to instantly know how you are different and what sets you apart from everyone else. They want to do business with someone different. It is exciting. It makes them feel special. They want to know why you are “better” than everyone else.

If your business is not different, become different.

Find how you are different and make it obvious to your customer. Then they will know why they use your product or service.

Be Different…

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