Your Customers Don’t Want to Buy Anything

I went to a local cupcake shop a few days ago to buy my wife some fancy gourmet cupcakes. After I selected several for my wife, I thought about getting a couple for myself to enjoy.

I asked for a discount on a second cupcake for half price after buying one (and the other half dozen that I already picked out).  The owner said they would not discount the second cupcake. So, getting any additional cupcakes was out of the question.

Paying 50 cents for cupcakes at my kid’s school bake sales is one thing – but $3!

$3 per cupcake in my book is way too much. 50 cents is more than enough for me to pay per cupcake.

I wanted to HAVE the cupcakes. I just didn’t want to BUY the cupcakes.

My “pain” threshold was 50 cents. Some people may have a “pain” threshold of 3 dollars. Others may not think twice about paying $10 per cupcake. The point is that there is a “pain” involved in spending money. You could even call it a “fear”.

How are you promoting your product or service on your website?

What is your focus?

If you are focusing on the product or service, you could be missing out on sales.  You need to be focusing on getting the customer to overcome their “fear” of paying for your product.

If their desire to have the benefits of your product or service overcomes their pain of paying for it, they will be ready to purchase.


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