Are You an Online Marketing Robot?

You might hate what I’m about to say.

What I am about to tell you to do USE to drive me CRAZY…  However, I finally cured myself…

I use to be an online marketing robot. I was a technical perfectionist in my writing. I thought I had to be exactly accurate in everything I wrote. What a waste of time! I was even boring a lot of my clients and prospects because of it.

Whether replying to a client’s email or writing a blog post, I would spend hours making sure my words were all technically correct and my grammer was so proper that the Queen of England would be proud.  Unless your product is a how to guide on technical writing or a training class for English literature, you don’t need to spend a lot of time on perfect spelling or grammer.

The bottom line is you should be YOU! With all of your normal human imperfections. Let your true self show through in your communication with clients and prospects.

Write like you talk. Write an email or blog post the same way you would talk to be over a casual lunch. Would you worry about saying “Uhm” a few times? Would you use words like “y’all” and “yep” in our conversation?  You betcha… (See, I did it right there…)

Being perfect is robotic and boring. There is no personality in perfect grammer. Don’t be like an online marketing robot. Be yourself and your personality will shine through – especially without “fake” perfect grammer.

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