Donald Trump’s Marketing Mistake

I don’t normally watch much TV since it sucks away too much of my valuable time.

However… I was walking through the living room the other day and my wife was watching Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice.

I caught the very tail end of it where they meet in the board room and after they discuss each team’s performance, Mr. Trump points at one of the members of the losing team and says those famous words…. “You’re Fired!”

Each team was given the task of creating a commercial for a chosen companies product line.

I don’t remember exactly what type of product it was.  But it doesn’t matter…  The mistake Donald Trump made would be wrong for any product.

The winning team’s video showed the product throughout the commercial.  Sometimes in the background and other times featured front and center.  The emphasis was on the product itself.

The losing team did not show the product until near the end of the commercial.

The amount of time the product was displayed in the commercial was the one thing that decided the winner and loser.

While seeing the product may help a little bit when it comes to branding, Donald Trump and the two teams on Celebrity Apprentice missed the point.  Their marketing was totally wrong when it comes to getting someone to buy a product.

People don’t want the product.  They want the RESULTS of the product.  Tweet This Now

Think about it with me…

If you buy a stick of deodorant, you don’t really want the deodorant.  What you really want is to NOT STINK!

If you buy a book, you really don’t want the book.  In fact you probably don’t even want to read the book.  What you want is to know the information in the book… OR … you want the experience of the story as it unfolds.

When you buy the latest and greatest exercise bike, you don’t really want the bike.  You don’t even want to exercise.  What you really want is to be physically fit and look good.

On the Celebrity Apprentice as each team made their commercial, they should have focused on the customer’s results.

How are you marketing your products or service?

Are you spending all of your effort on features of your service instead of the results your clients are looking for?

Does your website have pages and pages explaining every nitty gritty detail about your product but virtually nothing about the benefits your clients will get?

It’s all about the results.

Your clients don’t really care about your product.  They want the results.

Most website designers have no idea how to make a website that gets clients and makes sales.  They just make a pretty site that costs you a lot of money.

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