Mobile Responsive Website Design – Marketing Mischief?

Webmasters are up to their normal “tricks” again… They are spinning the latest technology buzzword as the greatest thing since sliced bread… At least when it comes to mobile websites. It is being marketed as an “easy fix” to get new clients and sales from mobile devices. It’s all MARKETING MISCHIEF… They only want to […]

Nerds are Stupid

I was just like all the other clueless nerdy webmasters. I could whip up a website in no time at all. I even used the vi editor (geeks will appreciate this) to whip up dynamic websites with massive backends before the days of WordPress. Coding has always been FUN for me… Like I said, I’m […]

Donald Trump’s Marketing Mistake

I don’t normally watch much TV since it sucks away too much of my valuable time. However… I was walking through the living room the other day and my wife was watching Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice. I caught the very tail end of it where they meet in the board room and after they discuss […]

Your Website Traffic Funnel is Key

Putting an ad in the Yellow Pages use to be a way to get clients. Not any more… Nobody uses the Yellow Pages any more… Unless they need a door stop. So, how do you get traffic to your website to get new clients? Is SEO the way to go? What about Facebook, Twitter, and […]