Nerds are Stupid

I was just like all the other clueless nerdy webmasters.

I could whip up a website in no time at all.

I even used the vi editor (geeks will appreciate this) to whip up dynamic websites with massive backends before the days of WordPress.

Coding has always been FUN for me… Like I said, I’m a nerd!

Back in the early days of the Internet, all you needed was a working website to get clients.  You didn’t have to know anything about marketing.


I didn’t understand marketing back then.  I was STUPID!

I cringe when I think about all the clients that passed on my service.

I started reading marketing books and talking with so called “experts” but nothing seemed to work.  I had to figure it out on my own.

Most website companies and webmasters still have no clue about marketing. Most of them know how to build a fancy looking website and they certainly know how to charge you outrageous amounts of money. They even know how to convince you that it is worth it with all of the bells and whistles they put on your site… But who gives a RIP how fancy your website is if it doesn’t generate leads, get clients, and make sales?

This is where all the other website companies and webmasters have absolutely NO CLUE.

I was the same way until I finally figured out online marketing. I’m not talking about all the latest “Website Marketing in a Box” products that all the so-called “Internet gurus” want to SELL you.

I’m also not talking about pushy selling or hyped sales pages.

I’m talking about the right way to market online.

It’s about giving your customers what THEY WANT!

I’m amazed at all of the latest whiz-bang websites I review that are clearly missing the boat and losing out on a lot of clients. If they only knew how to market to their target clients, they would be making sales.

Sure… You should have a good looking website, but that’s not enough…

Fancy looking websites don’t get customers.  Understanding your target customer and solving their problem does.

Is your website company or webmaster “stupid” when it comes to marketing?

Do you wish you were getting more leads and making more sales from your website?

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I wasted way too much time by not marketing effectively.

I had to learn the hard way over several years…

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