Mobile Responsive Website Design – Marketing Mischief?

Webmasters are up to their normal “tricks” again…

They are spinning the latest technology buzzword as the greatest thing since sliced bread… At least when it comes to mobile websites.

It is being marketed as an “easy fix” to get new clients and sales from mobile devices.


They only want to sell you another expensive website. They really don’t care if you get more clients or make more sales.

Are mobile responsive websites good? Sure…

In fact, it is extremely important to have a mobile site that is customized for the mobile experience.

BUT… (and this is a BIG BUT)… Cramming all of the data from a desktop website onto a mobile device does not get clients or make sales.

It is better than not having a mobile friendly site. But that’s about all…

A visitor coming to your website from a mobile environment needs to be marketed to differently than a desktop environment.

Think about your clients and what they want.

What are they looking for on your website?

Are they looking for something different when they go to your mobile website?

(If you don’t know, why aren’t you tracking your vistors and analyzing the results?)

Mobile websites are extremely important. Don’t be misled by webmaster mischief…

Mobile sites need different content and a different focus based on the desires of your visitors. Not just a “good looking” mobile version of your desktop website.

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