Done-For-You Services Increase Revenue and Customer Loyalty

I was FURIOUS as I looked at the bill…  As much as I hated looking at it, I kept staring at it.

It was my own fault.  I deserved to be “punished”.

It was a $25 late fee!

I had no excuse. I just got so busy that I forgot to pay my credit card bill on time.  If I would have managed my time better and had the time to get it paid on time, I would have paid it.

Have you ever done the same thing?  Unfortunately, I have done it more than once.

Other things just got in the way. I was spending most of my time running my business and helping my clients grow their businesses… All good things to be doing – however, I was trying to do too much of it myself instead of getting some help.

I was spreading myself too thin trying to be a jack of all trades and handling absolutely every aspect of our company. I finally realized I needed to get some help and use other people and services to maximize my own energy to focus on the things that no one else could do. Once I figured this out, our company started to grow.

I would much rather pay someone else to do the things I don’t want to do or don’t personally need to do so I can focus on my business (and paying my bills on time).

Guess what??? Your clients feel the same way. They would rather pay you to do the work for them.

The closer you can get to doing everything for your client, the more you can charge for your service and the more they will depend on you (instead of other service providers).

They simply want as much as possible done-for-them.

Think about it… If you have a leaky sink, you could probably spend a lot of time figuring out how to do it – but do you want to spend all of that time and effort when you can just call a plumber and get it done quickly by someone that has done it for years and knows what they are doing? Wouldn’t you rather pay someone to do it for you?

How about when your car needs an oil change? You could do it yourself. But do you really want to jack your car up, get filthy, and spend all that time when you can zip over to your local lube shop and let them deal with the mess?

My business has thrived on full service and done-for-you services.  When we get clients that want us to build them a website, we show them how we can build them a website, create their social profiles like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube for them. We even do all of their website and social media updates for them.  When they realize we can manage their entire online presence, they can save their own time and money of having to hire someone to do all of their updates for them.

Can you offer a done-for-you service to your clients? They would probably be glad to pay you more if you do more for them – so they don’t have to.

The more you do for them, the happier they are, the more they will pay, and more loyal they will be.

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