Facebook Page Cover Image Rule Change Better for Marketing

Facebook has quietly made some HUGE changes to their guidelines for Facebook page cover image.

They use to be very restrictive and wouldn’t allow a lot of good marketing techniques.  Some of these strategies are what marketers label as “Calls to Action”…  In other words, telling your visitors what to do.  Things like, “Call Us Now!” or “Like Our Page” – These use to NOT be allowed by Facebook.  In fact, the old restrictions did not allow you to put a website URL, phone number, or even a price on the cover image.  It was very disappointing for businesses and marketing experts…

But now…  All of that has changed.

Facebook has updated their guidelines and now these specific restrictions are no longer listed in the guidelines.  The main restriction now is that the text on the image must take less than 20% of the space on the cover image.  Other than that, you can pretty much put whatever calls to action you want (within reason obviously).

Go ahead and add your website URL.

Put a big and bold price on the image.

Tell your visitors to “Call Us Now at XXX-YYY-ZZZZ”.

Stick an obnoxious and ginormous arrow pointing to your LIKE button and tell them to “Like Our Page”.

Now You are free to do so…  Happy Marketing!  It’s about time…

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