Should Businesses Have a Google Plus Page?

So, your business has a website…

You may even have a Facebook page because everybody seems to be on Facebook.

But Google Plus?

Who is on Google+?

You don’t have time for keeping track of another social media site…

That’s what I thought at first. But then I realized that Google knows a lot more about me than even Facebook does.

Google knows what I search for on the Internet.

They know every website I go to – especially if I use their chrome browser.

They know where I am at all times since their operating system runs on my Android phone.

They know my schedule of what I am going to do from my Google calendar.

They know my interests based on the emails that go through my gmail account.

Google knows more about you than you probably want to know.

Based on all of this data, Google feeds information to people that they would most likely be interested in.

Let’s say your business sells custom made guitars. Google knows who likes playing guitars based on a person’s history of web searches, sites they have been to, emails they have sent, and so forth. If your business had a Google+ page and someone in your area searched for guitar shops on Google or asks their android phone where they buy a new guitar, they will be given turn by turn navigation directy to your store.

Google just delivered a new customer right to your door. All you had to do was to set up a Google+ page with your business information. They learned about your ideal customer and sent them directly to you…

If you don’t already have a Google plus page for your business. You need to…


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