Transformers 3D Ride and VIP Clients


I love thrilling rides.  I live in Florida – home of Disney, Universal, and many more theme parks where I get to go on a lot of exciting rides with my family.

The Transformers 3-D Ride just got built at Universal Studios Orlando and I got to take a “sneak peek” with my family.

We didn’t think the ride was open yet since the grand opening isn’t for another two and a half weeks.  So, my youngest son and I wanted to check out what the outside of the building looked like while my wife and other son were riding another roller coaster.

To my surprise, Transformers 3-D was open for a “technical rehearsal”…. AWESOME!

The wait in line was an hour and fifteen minutes… That’s pretty long… But not too bad for a brand new popular ride.

We waited at the entrance of the line until the rest of my family could get there so we could begin our long wait.

While we were waiting, I chatted with the employee at the ride entrance as floods of excited thrill seekers flowed through the line.

After a few minutes, the rest of my family showed up and we proceeded to file into the back of the line.

Just as we started the long 75 minute wait, the employee who I spoke with said, “Come Here.”

He whispered to me…. “Do you REALLY want to wait in that long line?”

I whispered back…. “What do you have in mind?”

He said, “I can take you and your family up to the front of the line…”


He escorted us to the front of the line, gave us the 3-D glasses, and within seconds we were immersed in the action packed 3-D world of Transformers.  How cool is that!

Why did I get this “privilege” of skipping to the front?

I didn’t DESERVE it?  I did nothing special…  I didn’t buy the special “Express Pass” that allows you to cut the regular waiting line.  I was just like all of the other people that were waiting in line for over an hour.

My kids were so impressed, they said they felt like they were celebrities (as they grinned from ear to ear).

The employee made me FEEL special.  He went “above and beyond”.

He didn’t have to.  He could have let us wait in line like all the other employees.  We wouldn’t have thought differently of him.  He would have been “just another employee” like all the others.

I wished there was some way I could return the favor to the employee.  I definitely had a great experience with the “royal treatment”.

Do you want your clients and leads to be impressed with your product or service?

Do you want them to buy from you (instead of your competitors)?

Give them the “VIP treatment”…  Give them more than they deserve…  Make them FEEL special…

You will set yourself apart from your competition and your clients will value your product or service.

If you need help giving your leads and clients feel like celebrities and giving them the VIP treatment with your website, let me know.

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