Transformers 3D Ride and VIP Clients

It was AWESOME! I love thrilling rides.  I live in Florida – home of Disney, Universal, and many more theme parks where I get to go on a lot of exciting rides with my family. The Transformers 3-D Ride just got built at Universal Studios Orlando and I got to take a “sneak peek” with […]

Mobile Responsive Website Design – Marketing Mischief?

Webmasters are up to their normal “tricks” again… They are spinning the latest technology buzzword as the greatest thing since sliced bread… At least when it comes to mobile websites. It is being marketed as an “easy fix” to get new clients and sales from mobile devices. It’s all MARKETING MISCHIEF… They only want to […]

Nerds are Stupid

I was just like all the other clueless nerdy webmasters. I could whip up a website in no time at all. I even used the vi editor (geeks will appreciate this) to whip up dynamic websites with massive backends before the days of WordPress. Coding has always been FUN for me… Like I said, I’m […]

Donald Trump’s Marketing Mistake

I don’t normally watch much TV since it sucks away too much of my valuable time. However… I was walking through the living room the other day and my wife was watching Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice. I caught the very tail end of it where they meet in the board room and after they discuss […]

Your Website Traffic Funnel is Key

Putting an ad in the Yellow Pages use to be a way to get clients. Not any more… Nobody uses the Yellow Pages any more… Unless they need a door stop. So, how do you get traffic to your website to get new clients? Is SEO the way to go? What about Facebook, Twitter, and […]

Facebook Page Cover Image Rule Change Better for Marketing

Facebook has quietly made some HUGE changes to their guidelines for Facebook page cover image. They use to be very restrictive and wouldn’t allow a lot of good marketing techniques.  Some of these strategies are what marketers label as “Calls to Action”…  In other words, telling your visitors what to do.  Things like, “Call Us […]

Are You an Online Marketing Robot?

You might hate what I’m about to say. What I am about to tell you to do USE to drive me CRAZY…  However, I finally cured myself… I use to be an online marketing robot. I was a technical perfectionist in my writing. I thought I had to be exactly accurate in everything I wrote. […]

Is Your Business Immune to Another Google Update?

Here we go again… Yes…  I asked for it.  I deserve it. Google made another major change to their social media site – Google Plus. I have been wanting Google to change the size of their cover image for Google+ pages.  It was always too small to really get enough information for good business branding […]

5 Website Makeover Rules To Avoid Certain Death

Are you struggling to get new clients? Are the bills eating you alive? Do you feel like your business is going in the wrong direction? Maybe your website needs a makeover. Have you ever watched an extreme home makeover show?  You know… Where they take a family that is struggling and in a few days […]

Your Customers Don’t Want to Buy Anything

I went to a local cupcake shop a few days ago to buy my wife some fancy gourmet cupcakes. After I selected several for my wife, I thought about getting a couple for myself to enjoy. I asked for a discount on a second cupcake for half price after buying one (and the other half dozen […]